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LettsSafari is creating rewilding safari parks across the UK. Your subscription goes to planting trees, introducing endangered animals and building new parks. Get a front row seat at LettsSafari +, among the wildlife and habitats.

Each tree we plant removes 1 tonne of carbon dioxide during its life. Our safari parks have over 20,000 trees, removing up to 200 tonnes of carbon a year. We also remove carbon with scrub, wild grasses, wetland and bog. LettsSafari parks reduce emissions by absorbing carbon in the ground, while providing habitats for wildlife.

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Help us plant new trees

Help us release endangered wildlife and build new habitats

Get exclusive access to LettsSafari + and learn how to create your own wildlife haven in your backyard, work, school or community

Help us build new safari parks and support rewilding initiatives

Do something about climate change and safari with us online.
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The LettsSafari Promise

Plant Trees

Every 10 subscribers we plant a tree a year. Trees absorb carbon, reduce emissions and provide habitats for wildlife.

Save wildlife

Every 100 subscribers we release an endangered animal a year. In the last 50 years we’ve lost half our animals – it’s time to change that.

Expand parks

Every 10,000 subscribers we create a new safari park a year. We’ve cracked the code on 20+ acre safari parks – so there are plenty to build!

LettsSafari +

When you subscribe to LettsSafari you also get access to LettsSafari + giving you a front row seat at our safari parks with video, wildlife photography and wild stories. Learn how to create a mini LettsSafari in your backyard, work, school and in the community. Discover rewilding, wildlife gardening and eco living.

What People Say

“Rewilding removes carbon and restores wildlife and nature. Letts Safari has figured out how to do smaller-scale rewilding so we can all get involved.”

- Jane Ross

"LettsSafari is a great idea. My subscription helps to build safari parks and I enjoy online video and photography as well. It’s even inspired me to rewild my little garden."

- John McDonald

Let’s safari together.

Doing something about climate change.