Letts Safari parks remove carbon and naturally grow trees and plants. Experience the abundance of birds, mammals, butterflies, beetles, reptiles, plants and fungi in a setting that feels as wild and dynamic as the African bush. Help us create more eco safari parks. Subscribe today.

Letts Safari also established the ‘Safari Garden’. Get a front row seat at Letts Safari + and we’ll show you how to create a mini Letts Safari in your backyard, work, school or community.

Letts Safari Network of Parks:

Join the Letts Safari Network

If you have a 20+ acre park and would like to join the Letts Safari Network of parks – get in touch. Approved parks get support and advice from Letts Safari and its members to become a rewilding safari park. *Applicants must be members of Letts Safari.

Letts Safari’s natural habitats include wild grassland, wildflower meadow, open scrub, woodland, lake, wetland and bog.


The more subscribers we get, the more safari parks we build.

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