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Empower Your Employees, Enrich Our Planet.

At LettsSafari, we believe in the power of collective action to create a greener, more sustainable future. Our Company Subscription Program, GreenTeam, is designed to help businesses invest in their employees' well-being and environmental stewardship. By offering LettsSafari subscriptions as part of your Company benefits package, you can empower your team to transform their personal spaces into thriving ecosystems while contributing to global conservation efforts.

Build rewilding parks with us


Every 10 subscribers we plant a tree a year


Every 100 subscribers we release an endangered animal


Every 10,000 subscribers we build a new rewilding safari park a year

Why Choose LettsSafari for Your Business?

Promote Employee Well-being

Wild gardening and connecting with nature have been proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve overall mental health. Offer your employees a unique benefit that enhances their well-being and fosters a positive work-life balance.

Foster Environmental Responsibility

Encouraging wild gardening at home and at work can inspire broader environmental responsibility. Learn how to set up a mini LettsSafari park in your employees' gardens, your company's green spaces and in the community.

Tackle Climate Change Together

Be part of something bigger. Every subscription funds rewilding projects at LettsSafari’s Safari Parks. For every 10 employees who sign up, we plant a tree each year; for every 100, we release a wild animal; and for every 10,000, we open a new park each year.

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GreenTeam Features

Subscription Packages

Less than 1,000 employee subscriptions: Use our Group Subscription offer (10% off) here

More than 1,000 employee subscriptions: Contact us at [email protected] to discuss your specific requirements.

Employee Engagement and Education

Access to exclusive content and events focused on sustainable gardening and biodiversity.

Personalised advice and support from LettsSafari experts to help employees maximise their green spaces.

Impactful Conservation Efforts


Regular updates on rewilding projects funded by your company subscriptions, showcasing the tangible impact of your investment.

Opportunities for employee participation in rewilding initiatives, enhancing team-building and community engagement.

How It Works

Subscribe: Choose to sign up for a Group discount or contact us to discuss our bespoke packages.


Onboard Your Team: We provide all necessary resources and support to help onboard your employees, ensuring they can easily access and benefit from their LettsSafari subscriptions.


Track and Share Impact: Receive regular reports on the environmental impact of your corporate subscriptions, including the number of trees planted, animals released, and parks opened. Share these successes with your team and stakeholders to emphasize your company’s commitment to sustainability.

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Sign Up for GreenTeam: Lead your business toward a greener, more sustainable future. Together, let's transform every workplace into a beacon of environmental stewardship and positive change.

Collective Action, Powerful Impact.

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