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We build virtual safari parks that you can also stay at.

The lakehouse at Mamhead Park South gets you deeper into our first wildlife park. It’s not for the faint hearted. When you stay, you go on a walking safari led by one of our experts, you enjoy meals from the Wild Kitchen and you learn how to create a mini LettsSafari in your garden. Min 2 people, min 2 night stay. From £175 per person per night. *LettsSafari subscribers only.


The Lakehouse is a Canadian style lodge that hovers over the lake. Surrounded by water, wildlife and nature. Sleeps up to 6.


The lake is a sheltered haven for fish, birds and insects. Rare mammals drink here and early in the morning a heron drops in to say hello.


When you stay at the Lakehouse you join our nature safari, learn how to build a mini LettsSafari in your garden and sometimes even try and catch wildlife!
“The Lakehouse is magical enough. But staying here means you get to experience wildlife in action with the amazing LettsSafari team.“

- Amanda Evans

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