Build rewilding safari parks and gardens with us.

At LettsSafari, we believe in the power of collective action in rewilding to create a sustainable future. That's why we're delighted to introduce GreenTeam, a new business subscription package designed to help companies demonstrate their commitment to the environment while offering valuable benefits to their employees. What could be more exciting than building new rewilding safari parks and gardens with us?

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Empowering Your Employees

Based on over 15 years of rewilding know-how, GreenTeam gives your team access to content and guides, helping them transform personal and communal spaces into thriving ecosystems. This not only enhances their well-being but also promotes a positive work-life balance. Engaging with nature reduces stress and boosts productivity, making it a win-win for your business.

Fostering Environmental Responsibility

Encouraging employees to engage in wild gardening, nature restoration and sustainable practices fosters a culture of environmental stewardship. With GreenTeam, your business and its employees can learn how to set up mini LettsSafari parks in gardens, green spaces, and community areas, inspiring broader environmental responsibility.

Making a Tangible Impact

And with every GreenTeam subscription, and in addition to any work undertaken by your employees, your company also contributes directly to the rewilding projects managed by LettsSafari across our own rewildng safari parks:

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Comprehensive Subscription Features

GreenTeam is available at a group discount with customised options for businesses with 1,000+ employees. Your employees will gain access to exclusive content, events focused on sustainable gardening and nature restoration, and personalised advice from LettsSafari experts. Plus you'll get regular updates on the LettsSafari rewilding projects funded by your company. 

Getting Started 

Sign up for GreenTeam today and lead your business towards a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can transform our workplace and private spaces into beacons of environmental stewardship and positive change.

Join GreenTeam and make a lasting impact on our planet. Learn more and subscribe.

Collective Action, Powerful Impact.

LettsSafari Logo, a grey Letts with an orange Safari.
Collective Action. Powerful Impact
LettsSafari Logo, a grey Letts with an orange Safari.
Collective Action. Powerful Impact