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Do even more about climate change!

As well as subscribing to Letts Safari you can give one-off donations to support special projects, building new safari parks and other rewilding initiatives. Our parks specialise in reducing emissions, storing carbon in the ground and saving endangered wildlife. Below are some of our projects for 2021 – we hope you can support them.

Featured projects
  • Reintroduce the black stork
  • Creating the next Letts Safari park
  • Developing Letts Safari training camp
  • Building more hedgerow

Reintroduce the Black Stork

We are working hard to develop our wetlands to the point where it might be possible to reintroduce the black stork. The black stork left the UK 100 years ago. Let’s welcome them back!

Building more hedgerow

Over the last few years we’ve built hundreds of metres of wild hedgerow at Mamhead Park, providing vital habitats for birds, small mammals and insects. We would like to build more.

We can support your rewilding initiative

If you have a great rewilding initiative that you would like Letts Safari and its members to support – get in touch. *Applicants should be members of Letts Safari.

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